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BTS photos from the OPHELIA promotional shoot 2020

This January our newly cast Ophelia - Hazel Young, had the intense task of starring in the second promotional shoot for M&J’s production of Hamlet. But how did she get on?

The Ophelia shoot was decidedly more tricky than Hamlet’s, as Hazel had to at times entirely submerge herself in a bath of milk and flowers. All of the photographs in this session were shot in a carefully chosen location to ensure the safety of the actress and authenticity of the scene, which we believe was a great success.

Delphine De Syon had a sea of potential outfits for Hazel, but in the end we chose two items of clothing for her to wear. Firstly an original 1970’s renaissance styled bridal gown (an amazing find), and a loose lace throw.

For Ophelia we really wanted to capture her innocence and vulnerability, but also the hidden ferocity of her spirit. Our actress did a fantastic job, her performance was honest and expressive which we believe comes across in every photograph taken; and that’s no mean feat whilst submerged!

We can’t wait for you to see more of these contemporary and artistic images, so make sure to pop by to the free exhibition* before the productions take place, or if you buy a ticket, have private access to view at your pleasure.

Take a look at some previews below.

*Free tickets available June 2020


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