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Cast as 'Alice of Eymore' in Quivalon Podcast series 'Strands of Time: Clash of the Cousins'

Aside from turning the book into a 10-episode audio play series Quivalon are producing a number of standalone episodes, which take place in the expanded world of HOOD.

In my episodes, the character Dr. Annette Lynton delves into the history of 'Nottingham' and the 12 Queendoms. Her debut series, The Clash of the Cousins, explores the succession crisis in the 12th century between Empress Matilda and King Stephen, and how these events led to the First Hycathe Age. I am lucky to be cast in this audio series as 'Alice of Eymore', a steely follower of the Hycathe religion and fierce in her beliefs.

Recording for this podcast series will take place throughout August 2021.


Keep up to date with the HOOD project via their social channels:

  • Instagram: @hoodstoryofficial

  • Twitter: @hoodstoryofcl

  • Facebook: @hoodstoryofficial


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