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Crushing Corona with Casting Directors

This last year has been awful, everyone stuck indoors, decimated industry and frustrations all around. However, I've been trying to stay really proactive at the same time.

I've completed a series of courses, 1:1's, meet-and-greets and competitions to keep my skills sharp and learn some new ones along the way.

Some of the casting directors I've had the pleasure of meeting include:

Lucy Amos, Manuel Puro, Ben Cogan, Kate Bone, Nikki Meadows, Faye Timby, Sophie Pearson, Orla O'connor, Shakyra Dowling, Leo Wolfe, Claire Harlow, Jenna Bamberger, Zyrenka Cox, Marin Hope and Finnian Tweed.

I've participated in three Twitter Do or Die monologue competitions and several live Q&A's with industry professionals. Just Add Milk and The Actors Guild have been a fabulous source of information, and Take One for Stage and Screen offered some really exclusive courses (of which I have more to go!). I featured as a guest performer on several online livestreams, shot two short films and have a team involved to help produce my own film called 'Swings and Roundabouts' (coming soon!).

So all in all, I've kept as busy as I can and I'm bringing this energy with me into 2021.

Below is one of my competition entires to the online Do or Die competition, this original piece of writing is called 'Hand Stuff' by Lucy MacCarthy.


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