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Final rehearsals for Playwright Pick'n'Mix this November

We are well into rehearsals for our two nights at Camden's hottest pub-venue, Etcetera Theatre at The Oxford Arms. There's original writing, classic pieces and some utterly mad characters I know you'll enjoy. The entire cohort (all 28 of us) have been working away to be on point for this coming weekend.

The Saturday night is completely sold out, but there are tickets left for FRIDAY 26 9-10pm, make sure you don't miss it!

Our on site photographer has some gorgeous behind the scenes images coming really soon, so watch this space. In the meantime, see some candid snaps of myself, Élodie Pasqualini, Producer Amal El-Hawrani and Director Emma Bond. All credit goes to Young Photography who you can also follow on Instagram here.

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Buy tickets and read the flyer below!


What if you could speed-date twenty actors in one evening without the social anxiety? Without the faff? Without the phone number malarkey? Simply to gaze and absorb, to just relax, like?

Hidden Rose Company offers you a pick’n’mix choice of monologues and duologues for your pleasure. A taster of established playwrights, both classical and contemporary, in morsal sized portions; with a smattering of new writing thrown in for good measure.

We want to introduce you to punchy young teens, disgraced exes, tottering twenty-somethings, foul bosses, second-guessing “friends”, friends offering benefits, plain peculiar personages and characters you hope you’d only EVER meet on stage.

As new professional talent, we offer you the wheel of fortune of adult social dynamics. So don’t be shy, come and satisfy your sweet-tooth for theatre...


Hidden Rose Company describe themselves as 'an eclectic group of new professional actors, writers and musicians with a love of new theatre. Helping the undiscovered, to be discovered.'


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