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Hazel accepts the challenge: Manuel Puro Casting

Whilst in lockdown Hazel completed the '21 Day Selftape Challenge', an initiative from the minds of Manuel Puro and the Puro Casting Team.

An opportunity to act and create – every single day – accompanied by fellow actors from all over the world. It may push your limits, but you’ll be amazed by what you can achieve.

Every day she had 24 hours to learn and perform a range of pieces from contemporary screen films and dramas. She was also given a lesson on the perfect way to set up a selftaping environment, to prepare her for the 'new normal'.

Both Manuel and her fellow participants offered creative criticism, advise, guidance and praise; it was a really positive learning environment.

Hazel says -

This really was the perfect way to keep busy during lockdown! It's really hard for actors and industry professionals right now, and this was a really fab way of staying creative and feeling inspired. I highly recommend it!

Congratulations Hazel!


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