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Hazel bares her soul in a new short film with renowned Photographer and Filmmaker - Tommy Reynolds.

Her shoot is also featured in the national 'Digital Photographer Magazine' with a 6 page spread for the December 2020 edition.

Tommy Reynolds is gaining a huge following via Youtube (~50K subscribers) and other online channels for his exceptional skills and wholesome support for embracing life passions. One particular series that has gained traction is his 'A Portrait Of..' short films, showing taboo or heart-rendering topics in a new light.

Hazel agreed to work with Tommy to tell a very personal story about a wedding that was booked, paid for but unfortunately, never happened. This interview is followed by a modelling shoot where Hazel herself wears the dress that was never worn. The resulting images were then featured in a 6 page spread feature in a National Magazine (Digital Photographer Magazine).

We are beyond proud of Hazel and can't wait to see where her career takes her.

Hazel says:

'It was an exceptionally difficult day for me, my head was in all kinds of places. But at the core, I wanted to help people and for couples to realise that love and respect outweighs obligation. Working with Tommy was amazing, I really feel I have a life-long friend.'

To watch the film please scroll down, you can find the images from the full shoot here. You can find out more about Tommy via his youtube page and website.


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