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Hazel completes Phase 2 of Screen Battle Training with The British Action Academy

Hazel has taken the next step in completing all four phases of the highly regarded, physically demanding Warrior Masterclasses for on-screen combat at The British Action Academy.

Hazel spent time building on her previous training in Phase 2, to enhance her skills in:

- Shield and spear

- Advanced death and dying techniques

- Roman sword and shield battle formation and group attacks

- Independently choreographed hand-to-hand combat/brawl routines

- Independently choreographed rapier and Gladiator routines

- Gladiator style attacks (shieldless and with shield)

- Carousel style filming of fight routines

She is now ready to complete the hardest of the Warrior Masterclasses, Phase 3. We wish Hazel the best of luck in her pursuits, and as always are sure of her conviction and dedication to strengthening her skills in this niche field of study.


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