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Hazel continues the challenge with LUCY AMOS from NINA GOLD'S team

After the 21 Day Selftape Challenge completed, Hazel continued her journey with an additional '5 Day Challenge with Lucy Amos'.

Lucy is a Casting Associate in Nina Gold's office, Nina Gold and team have been known for casting projects such as Little Women, Game of Thrones, The Crown and other high profile dramas. So for the opportunity to act for a member of the team, Hazel jumped at the chance.

The course spanned 5 days and very much like the 21 Day Challenge, Hazel had 24 Hours to learn and perform a variety of duologues/monologues which were then reviewed by Lucy herself.

Hazel said -

I really loved hearing from Lucy, she's very sweet and engaging, these sorts of opportunities are invaluable.

We are very pleased that Hazel is making the most of the lull in activity in the industry at the moment, and we encourage her to keep it up!


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