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'Muggle job' shows their support

As an emerging actor I also juggle a 'muggle job', an alternate profession to keep the lights on and food in the fridge.

I won't name the company to protect their privacy, but I am immensely humbled to be featured in company-wide (UK and US) internal publications for the work I do as an actor. It is so nice to be supported by your peers in all aspects of your life, I'm very lucky.

Some extracts of the article are below, however they have been redacted for the confidentiality of the company.


How do you think doing this benefits your company work? And vice versa, what skills from your company role help your acting?

Working in the arts has improved my facilitation and communication skills and made me a happier person. As well as acting, I’m heavily involved in writing and producing, using my graphic design skills for external advertisements and communications skills for public relations. My work externally keeps me fresh and full of ideas, I 100% bring those back with me to my day job and I really think it has helped transform the way I do my work. On the flip side, being in a corporate environment has equipped me with essential business skills that set me apart from other actors. The acting industry is a business after all.

What next – what are your hopes for the future?

I really hope my career blossoms as an actor, but there are not many people who act full time, so I will still be using my other creative skills (communications, graphic design etc.) hand-in-hand throughout my career. Unless I’m lucky enough to be cast as a Netflix lead and then I’ll have hit the jackpot.

*Redacted for confidentiality.


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