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Shakespeare's Royal Variety - A Jubilee Success!

We wrap on 5 2-hour shows over the Jubilee bank holiday weekend, a labor of love and live outdoor theatre touring Oxford. Only from All the World's a Stage.

After intense and limited rehearsals, we performed 'Shakespeare's Royal Variety' to a wonderful set of five audiences in a variety of Oxford locations. This brand new piece of theatre was devised by Charlotte Miranda-Smith, a wonderful human and exceptional Director. She managed to weave existing characters and storylines into something truly unique. I was very lucky to be able to play out the love story between Beatrice and Benedick, and was also given the fabulous opportunity to play Lady Macbeth and her iconic speech 'Out damned spot'. I've had a wonderful Jubilee!

Read the full program here for more information on the cast and crew:


Take a look below at some pictures of me as both Beatrice and Lady Macbeth, the latter as part of The Scorned Women's Tango. A bold and exciting musical number!


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