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The 'A' Word at The King's Head Theatre, London

An inspiring play that tackles the 'A' word (abuse) in a same sex relationship. How do you talk about issues with your friends? How do you spot Red Flags?

Throughout the play there is a common theme of friendship, love and honesty. We tackled current pop culture influence on victims coming forwards, and all proceeds for the sell-out shows went the SafeLives UK, a domestic abuse charity that does incredible work in supporting victims who come forwards.

This was a wonderful production to be a part of. The ensemble were seasoned, powerhouse actors and the team behind the scenes could not have been more open and supportive. The Director, Tippy Elgar, was phenomenal and the Writer, Jade Winters, had a clear vision brought to life with the help of Producer Alex Hogben.

Honestly, I loved performing in this production and I can't wait to take it to Brighton Fringe.

My character Blake was one of those tricky characters you hate to love. She has a sharp tongue but a kind heart and fell in love with her.

View some BTS shots below:


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