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The Darkest Chapter: Filming and making early waves at festivals

Graham has been released from prison. After nearly a decade away from his home town he looks to reconnect with his twin brother Dom. Graham is ready to move onto the next chapter in his life. Will the community let him?

I played the love interest and childhood friend 'Rachel Hills' in Danny Szam's short film 'The Darkest Chapter'. Since filming in December and entry into festivals in the new year, TDC has already made huge waves:

  • WINNER - Best Short Drama Film, Europe Film Festival

  • WINNER - Short Film 'Outstanding Achievement Award', World Film Carnival

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Lift-Off Global Network Sessions

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Short Drama, Golden Short Film Festival

Filming with Danny was a wonderful experience, my first role on screen was alongside him in feature 'House of Salem' over six years ago, when I was very new to the industry. I'm so proud to be able to take part in this exceptional piece and can't wait to see where this journey takes the whole team involved.

The full cast includes:

Director / Writer : Danny Szam

Dom / Graham Ridley: Danny Szam

Rachel Hills: Hazel Young

Young Man: Harri Rees-Jones


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