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The Rickman Assembly: Actors with life experience

I joined the first batch of Actors who are members of Mavin & Associates Rickman Assembly. A networking hub for those who've joined the industry at a later stage in life, than the usual 18-21 year old Graduates.


I am so grateful to have been chosen to sit amongst a powerful group of actors for the very first Rickman Assembly. This group was conceived to celebrate, advise and support actors who have joined at a later stage in life, or are returning after taking a break to start a family.

I myself started training in my mid-twenties so this was a fantastic opportunity to link up with fellow like-minded creatives and share insights into this absolutely fabulous, yet maddening, industry.

It can be even harder for actors to build connections and find opportunities when they are not the traditional Graduate age, so I am incredibly grateful to Emma Norman and Caroline Heywood for thinking of and coordinating this absolutely wonderful initiative.

'Here’s to us each having 19 people’s backs - and forging our way through this crazy business'
- @RickmanAssembly on Twitter


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