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Writing with Duncan Macmillan

A masterclass in writing with the esteemed Duncan Macmillan, who also gave us the best tips and tricks we could possibly need to kick start our career with the written word.

I have always been a huge fan of Duncan's work, having played W in a Rose Bruford performance of Lungs. Duncan flawlessly pairs realism and abstraction to create stories that feel realistic, human and yet are still dramatic. So obviously I jumped at the chance to join him (thanks to The Monobox) to hear his best advice for not only structuring a scene, but truly identifying the elements of writing that will bring your idea to life and not fall flat.

During the session we were also able to read some scenes from People, Places and Things (a personal favourite), and I was lucky enough to read as Emma. This is a career highlight for me, and hopefully as my career develops as both an actor and a writer, our paths cross again.


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