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Privacy Policy

About this privacy policy

This privacy policy explains how I (Hazel Young or associated apps) collect, use, share and transfer your personal data when you use the website.

Personal data is any information about you by which you can be identified. This can include information such as:

  • your name, email address, phone number, mobile number;

  • information about your device (such as the IP address, which is a numerical code to identify your device that can provide information about the country, region or city where you are based); and

  • information relating to how you use this site, apps and services.

Sometimes my site may use apps that contain links to third party sites and services. These sites and services have their own privacy policies. If you follow a link to a third party, you should read the privacy policy shown on their site.


When you use this site I may also use cookies or similar technology to collect extra data, including:

  • your IP address - a numerical code to identify your device and which can provide information about the country, region or city where you are based;

  • your browsing history of the content you have visited on my sites, including information on how you were referred to my site via another website; and

  • details of your devices, for example, the unique device ID, unique advertising ID and browsers used to access my content.

I collect personal data when you:

  • browse this website

  • submit a form via this website for contact purposes

Why I collect this data

The data is used purely to track what content is most popular and how to improve the experience of visiting this site. No data is personally handled, sold or sent further than myself. The third party app used to track content has it's own privacy policy which you can read here:

Contact me regarding this policy and your data

Should you have a query regarding this policy and your data, please contact

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