Self-charm / As the Therapist (Major Supporting)

Ella Greenwood | Broken Flame Productions | 2021

Honeymoon / As Lisa (Lead)

Ian Bedwell | 2021 


Practice Run (Web Series) / As Toni (Lead)

Wicked Winters Films | 2021

Why we cancelled the wedding... / As the Bride

Tommy Reynolds | 2020

2018 and earlier

Nightmare on 34th Street / As Maria

Dark Dreamline Pictures | 2018

Grimm Heroes TV (Pilot) / As Brianna Stoker

James Crow | Last British Dragon | 2018

House of Salem / As Natasha

James Crow | Last British Dragon | 2017


Behind the Curtain / As 'Becky'

Terri McCann | The Orchard Theatre  | 2021

Pick'n'Mix / As 'Nina' from The Seagull

Hidden Rose Theatre Co. | Excetera Theatre | 2021

Hamlet / As Ophelia 

Gary Lagden | West End | 2020 (Cancelled)

Punts / As Julia

Tony James | Rose Bruford | 2020

The Seagull / As Nina

Tony James | Rose Bruford | 2020

Richard III / As Lady Anne

Jade Allen | Rose Bruford | 2020

Helen / As Helen

Jade Allen | Rose Bruford | 2020

Lungs / As 'W'

Jade Allen | Rose Bruford | 2019

Picnic / As Madge

Andrea Hazel-lewis | Rose Bruford | 2019

2018 and earlier

Rehearsed Readings / Medusa 

Tony James | Rose Bruford | 2018

Audio and Other

Clash of the Cousins Podcast / As Alice Eymore

Audio Drama | Quivalon Productions | 2021

Shakespeare Around the Globe / As Rosalind

Internet | Blinking Idiot Theatre | 2021

The Singing Hour / As Monologue Performer

Internet | Emma Bond | 2020

Voice Over / National Grid and National Grid Grain LNG

A variety of films and corporate footage both as an actor, podcast host and as a VO artist | 2016-2020

2018 and earlier

YouNews (Box Productions) / As Vlogger

Internet Episodes | 4 Music | 2016-17


Tony James

Rose Bruford Course Director, Acting 2 Years

A true acting talent evident by your living in the moment, anticipating nothing, and allowing the text to breathe through you. I thought the delivery of your monologue was a highlight of this production – congratulations.

Tony James, Acting 2 Years Course Director, in response to my role as 'W' in Lungs by Duncan Macmillan.

Ella Greenwood

Writer and Director

Hazel is a wonderful actress, who can bring real variety to a character and find those important beats in each of the scenes. She is easy to work with, adaptable and has a great energy on set.

Ella Greenwood Writer, Director of Self-Charm (2020)

Tommy Reynolds

Photographer, Director, Writer

Working with Hazel couldn’t have been a more enjoyable experience. When I’m giving direction on set, she listens and delivers 100% every single time. She’s reliable, punctual and an incredibly hard-working woman. I’m so proud of the work we created together.  


Not only is she a fantastic actress, she’s also incredibly creative and artistic, which comes through on set. Working with Hazel is a collaboration, and I always look forward to working with her because I know she will help bring my vision to life, every time.

Tommy Reynolds, Director of 'Why We Cancelled The Wedding' (2020)