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Clash of the Cousins: Listen now!

Listen to me as the fierce character Alice Eymor in Quivalon's new dramatic podcast series Clash of the Cousins.

Clash of the Cousins is a six-part historical podcast created and presented by Dr. Annette Lynton as the inaugural series on her Strands of Time podcast channel. Each episode, Dr. Lynton will be joined by an expert in a different element or field of study to do with history and/or Hycathism, who will provide insight into the episode’s subject and their surroundings, along with evidence to back it up.

The episode primarily featuring my character is below, but I also feature in episode 4, 5 and 6. Make sure to follow the links to check it out, alternatively I have stitched a selection together for a taster!

The largely unsung tale of Alice Eymor, posthumous Duchess of West Mercia, who journeyed around England recruiting Hycathae and Hycathi alike to Maud’s cause and fulfilling a family destiny. WATCH NOW.

A taster assortment of clips has been stitched below:


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